Share Price

Basic Information

ISIN DE000A161408
WKN A16140
Ticker Symbol HFG
Primary Listing Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard MDAX)
Share Capital EUR 172,734,665.00
Number of shares issued 172,734,665
Number of shares outstanding 172.171.505

Shareholder Structure

Voting Rights Announcements.

Baillie Gifford & Co 10.62%
Norges Bank 5.22%
Vanguard World Fund 4.90%
BlackRock, Inc. 4.70%
DSR Ventures GmbH 4.17%
Schroders Plc 3.01%
Invesco 3.01%
Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM) 2.99%
Morgan Stanley 2.57%
Other Shareholders 58.68%
Treasury shares 0.13%
Status 27 September 2023

Disclaimer Analyst Estimates

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