Shareholder Structure

The following table shows the voting rights as notified last by the shareholders in relation to the Company’s current share capital. Please note that the number of voting rights last notified could have changed within the respective thresholds without triggering an obligation to notify the Company.

The underlying voting rights notifications, as well as voting rights notifications by the shareholders regarding financial or other instruments pursuant to Sec. 25, 25a German Securities Trading Act (WpHG), are disclosed under Voting Rights Announcements.

Rocket Internet SE:1) 43.81%
Insight:2) 15.43%
Phenomen:3) 7.31%
Vanguard World Funds: 5.17%
Vorwerk:4) 3.66%
Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH:5) 3.25%
Other shareholders: 20.94%
Treasury shares: 0.43%
Status: 1 March 2018

1) includes only the direct voting rights pursuant to Sec. 21 WpHG.
2) includes shareholding of HF Main Insight S.à.r.l., HF Del Insight S.à.r.l. and HF Cay S.à.r.l.
3) includes shareholding of Ezill Financial Inc. and Almonk Investments Ltd.
4) includes shareholding of Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures GmbH.
5) includes instruments according to Sec. 25 para. 1 No. 1 WpHG (securities lending).