With so many households across the globe now enjoying the HelloFresh experience, we invite you to step behind the scenes and meet the people, the processes and the company behind the most well-known fresh-food at home brands.

Our vision is to change the way people eat - forever

In 2011, HelloFresh founders Dominik and Thomas set out to change the way we eat. Back then, it was a big dream, but they believed that everyone should have access to the best ingredients and the knowledge to cook them – not just the experts and the enthusiasts.
And so they spent a whole afternoon packing shopping bags and delivering them by hand to their first ten customers – their families and friends!

There were a lot of midnight cooking sessions and mad dashes to find last-minute supplies, but, little by little, their dream started to become a reality. From its modest beginnings, the business soon began to pick up pace, launching in 14 countries within the last 9 years. HelloFresh now delivers more than 111 million meals to over 4.18 million customers (Q1 2020 figures). HelloFresh is the leading global meal kit provider, continuously growing its leadership position.

Despite this growth, the HelloFresh philosophy remains the same – we are as passionate as ever that everyone should be able to cook great food for themselves, their friends and their family.